1970 Haro Street

1900 block of Haro Street, south side, Vanmapp, City of Vancouver; http://vanmapp.vancouver.ca/pubvanmap_net/default.aspx. [Includes 1912 Goad’s map of Vancouver and property addresses in 2019.]

The current apartment building at 1970 Haro Street is the third structure that has existed on this lot.

Legal Description: District Lot: 185; Block 67; Lot 12.


First Building: Wilson House: 1966 Haro Street

The first building on the lot was Dr. David Wilson’s large house, which had an address of 1966 Haro Street. (Further information appears on the page for 1966 Haro Street.) Dr. Wilson’s property included lots 11, 12 and 13.


1966 Haro Street, 1950 Haro Street and 1934 Haro Street; detail from Goad’s Atlas of Vancouver, Volume 1, Plate 54 [Denman Street to Haro Street to Chilco Street to Comox Street]; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/plate-54-denman-street-to-haro-street-to-chilco-street-to-comox-street.


Second Building: Low Rise Apartment Building: 1970 Haro Street

In 1954, the house at 1966 Haro Street was demolished, and three apartment buildings arose on the property.

Lot 12 became the site of an apartment building with an address of 1970 Haro Street.


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1990 Haro Street; 1970 Haro Street and 1956 Haro Street; 1962; detail from West End from the air, Vancouver City Archives; Air P96; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/west-end-from-air.


The building remained on the site until the early 1990s.


Third Building: Condominium: 1970 Haro Street

In 1990, W.T. Leung Architects applied to the City of Vancouver for a permit to build an eight-storey apartment building on the property.


Vancouver Sun, March 17, 1990, page G14, columns 8-9.


In May 1990, a developer was demolishing the apartment building and selling the contents.


Vancouver Sun, May 11, 1990, page F3, column 6.


By late 1992, a 15-suite condominium apartment building was on the site. The address of the new building is 1970 Haro Street, and the building’s name is Lagoon Royale.


Vancouver Sun, November 14, 1992, page 38, columns 4-5.



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