Leverson, Ernest David (1851- 1921)

Elite Directory of Vancouver, Vancouver, Thomson Stationery, 1908, page 51, http://archive.org/stream/cihm_75463#page/n66/mode/1up

Elite Directory of Vancouver, Vancouver, Thomson Stationery, 1908, page 51, http://archive.org/stream/cihm_75463#page/n66/mode/1up

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Ernest David Leverson, Who’s Who in Western Canada, C.W. Parker, editor, Canadian Press Association, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1911, page 239, http://www.ourroots.ca/page.aspx?id=643233&qryID=ab88713f-4696-4c6a-b6a2-89ea1a06f0d5&pageSizeToggle=medium

Ernest David Leverson was a self-described capitalist and investor. He lived briefly at 2075 Nelson Street in 1909. He and his daughter, Ruth, lived at 1945 Barclay Street in 1914, and at 2045 Nelson Street from 1916 to 1918. In the 1880s and 1890s, Mr. Leverson was the husband of Ada Leverson, a well-known English author who supported Oscar Wilde during Wilde’s troubles with English criminal law in the 1890s.

Ernest was born Montague David Leverson in Kensington, London, England on November 23, 1851. He was the oldest of four sons of George Bazett Colvin Leverson (1827-1906), a successful Jewish diamond merchant, and Henrietta Jonassohn (1828-1893). Sometime between 1861 and 1871, Montague became Ernest David Leverson, and that was the name he used from then on.

Ernest received a private education, after which he went to University College in London. He was involved in a series of partnerships in London, most of which involved selling diamonds and other precious stones.

Ernest was the guardian of a girl named Ruth, who was born in England on May 13, 1878. She was being brought up in a convent in France. Ruth was actually Ernest’s illegitimate daughter; the name of Ruth’s mother is not available.

On December 6, 1881, Ernest married Ada Esther Beddington, who was about 19 years old (she was born in London on October 10, 1862). Her father was Samuel Henry Beddington (c. 1829-1914), the son of a Jewish wool merchant who became successful in his own business; Ada’s mother was Evelyn Zilla Simon (1845-1928). After the marriage, Ernest and Ada Leverson lived at 2 Courtfield Gardens in South Kensington.

Ada was a writer, and she was immersed in London’s cultural life. She became a friend of Oscar Wilde; the Leversons gave some financial support to Wilde, and they allowed him to stay in their home when he was released on bail after his first criminal trial: http://www.notableabodes.com/person-abode-details/7865/oscar-wilde-playwright_2-courtfield-gardens-south-kensington-london.

Ernest and Ada had two children.


George Ernest Leverson

George Ernest Leverson was born in the family home at Courtfield Gardens on June 15, 1888. Later that year, George developed meningitis; he died on November 9, 1888.


Violet Henriette Lutetia Leverson

Violet Henriette Lutetia Leverson was born in Paris, France, on May 18, 1890. [Lutetia is the Latin name for Paris.] On June 11, 1923, Violet married Lt.-Col. Guy Percy Wyndham (1865-1941). Violet died in England on July 2, 1962.


Ernest’s Marriage Comes Undone

Ernest tended to be a gambler and a philanderer. In May 1897, Ernest was cited as co-respondent in a divorce case. The Leverson marriage suffered from financial trouble: some of Ernest’s investments were unsuccessful, causing the family to lose almost all their money. Ultimately, the marriage ended in separation and, possibly, a divorce.

Ernest set his sights on opportunities in North America. He seems to have come under the influence of a Belgian mining promoter named Paul Watelet, who was promoting stock in the Colville Group Mining Company. Mr. Watelet was also active in promoting mines in southern British Columbia, including the Golden Crown Mine on Harrison Lake. Ernest’s investment of $1200 in the Colville enterprise did not pay off, and he went to Spokane, Washington, in 1903, to try to recover his money, along with several others who lost even more.

In the early 1900s, Ernest and Ruth moved to Canada; Ernest’s father gave him enough money to set him up in the timber business. Ernest seems to have taken up semi-permanent residence in Vancouver after about 1906. In August 1906, he became a shareholder in the Bidwell Bay and Belcarra Company Ltd. In December 1906, he subscribed $100 to the Consumptive Sanitorium Building Fund.

Ernest first appeared in the Vancouver directories in 1907. He was living at 1125 Seaton Street (the former name of parts of Hastings Street), which was the home of Frederick Coate Wade (1860-1924), a prominent lawyer.

From 1908 to 1909, Ernest and Ruth were at 312 Granville Mansions, an apartment house on the north-west corner of Robson Street and Granville Street.

In February 1909, the society column of the B.C. Saturday Sunset noted that “Mr. E. Leverson has taken the lovely home of Mrs. B.B. Johnson [sic: should be Johnston] for a few months.”

There are no listings for either Ernest or Ruth in Vancouver from 1910 to 1913, so perhaps they were away from the city for some or all of that period. From time to time, Ernest would go to England to visit Ada and Violet. Ernest’s biography in the 1911 volume of Who’s Who in Western Canada gives his address as 12 Radnor Place, London West, England, which was not far from Paddington Station in London.

In 1914, Ernest was back in Vancouver, living at William McNeill’s home at 1945 Barclay Street.

In 1915, Ernest was at Glencoe Lodge, which was an upscale residential hotel.

From 1916 to 1918, Ernest and Ruth were at 2045 Nelson Street, which was the home of Samuel Lyness Howe.

By 1919, Ernest and Ruth were living at the Hotel Vancouver, where they continued to stay until Ernest died on December 25, 1921. He was buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver. Chester Benjamin MacNeill, who was one of the executors of the estate, sorted out the debts and other liabilities, yielding a net value of about $46,000. Ruth was entitled to two-thirds of the estate; Violet received one-third.

Ada Leverson continued to live in England. On one of her visits to Florence, Italy, she became ill; she returned to England, where she developed pneumonia and died on August 30, 1933.

Ruth continued to live in Vancouver, where she died on March 4, 1955. She was buried in Mountain View Cemetery, in the same plot as Ernest.


George Bazett Colvin Leverson

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Ernest David Leverson (born Montague David Leverson)

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“E. Leverson Dies Suddenly at the Hotel Vancouver,” Vancouver Sun, December28, 1921, page 16: “E. Leverson, who with his daughter, Miss Ruth Leverson, has lived at the Hotel Vancouver foer the past seven or eight years, died suddenly Sunday night. Mr. Leverson was in good health until Sunday, when he was taken with heart trouble, and died within six or seven hours. He had no relatives in British Columbia excepting his daughter. He was known to be heavily interested in B.C. timber lands and to have financial interests of considerable scope. He came here from London about eight years ago and has lived a quiet, retired existence at the hotel. He was a lover of art and literature and a keen critic of good music, being personally acquainted with some of the great musicians of the old world. His only activities in Vancouver were such as brought him in contact with musical and literary societies.”

“Mr. E. Leveson Dies Suddenly at Hotel: Was a Resident of City for the Past Ten Years,” Vancouver World, December 27, 1921, page 9: “Mr. E. Leveson died on Sunday night at the Vancouver Hotel where he had been living for the past ten years. Of a quiet disposition Mr. Leveson was highly respected at the hotel and by many friends whom he has made while resident in the city. He was not actively engaged in business but was known as a financial man and was extensively interested in timber limits. Mr. Leveson lived with his daughter Ruth at the hotel practically all the time he has been in Vancouver, while another daughter and several brothers reside in the Old Country. Mr. Leveson had been suffering from heart trouble for a year but was not considered seriously ill. On the day of his death he had been up and around as usual although to a certain extent under the doctor’s care. His death was sudden and unexpected. The body will rest at Center and Hanna’s till word is received from England.” [Note: this article consistently uses “Leveson” to spell the surname.]

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Ruth Leverson

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George Ernest Leverson

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