1020 Denman Street

1020 Denman Street was on the east side of Denman Street, between Nelson Street and Comox Street.

Legal Description: District Lot 185; Block 59; south half of Lot 14.


Denman Street - between Nelson Street and Comox Street - Detail from Goad's Atlas of the city of Vancouver - 1912 - Vol 1 - Plate 8 - Barclay Street to English Bay and Cardero Street to Stanley Park

Denman Street – between Nelson Street and Comox Street – Detail from Goad’s Atlas of the city of Vancouver – 1912 – Vol 1 – Plate 8 – Barclay Street to English Bay and Cardero Street to Stanley Park.



1004 Denman Street; 1008 Denman Street; 1012 Denman Street; 1020 Denman Street; detail from Chas. E. Goad’s Atlas of Vancouver, Volume 1, Plate 55 [Cardero Street to Haro Street to Denman Street to Comox Street]; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/plate-55-cardero-street-to-haro-street-to-denman-street-to-comox-street.

There are no references to this property in Heritage Vancouver Society’s database of historic building permits: http://permits.heritagevancouver.org/index.php?cID=1 [searched October 10, 2019].


Vancouver directory listings from 1901 to 1920.

1901 Millard, Harry Hugh
1902 to 1907 Lees, Wilfrid Bernard
1908 Clements, Archibald (“Archie”) Leroy
1909 Lawrance, Frederick George
1910 to 1911 Chastenay, Alfred Gunton
1912 Ford, Georgie
1913 to 1914 Van Dyke, John Robert
1915 Vacant
1916 Harrop, Henry
1917 Tremlett, Henry
1918 Vacant
1919 to 1920 Stokes, William Ronald Hermann



Vancouver Province, October 26, 1920, page 14, column 8.



Vancouver Province, September 8, 1922, page 21, column 4.



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Bay Transfer

From about 1935 to the 1950s, Bay Transfer had its business nearby, at 1012 Denman Street.

Further information appears on the page for 1008 Denman Street.

In the 1950s, an Esso service station appeared on the block, with an address of 1004 Denman Street. Further information appears on the page for 1000 Denman Street.



Location of Bay Transfer – 1000 Block Denman Street, east side; 1962; detail from West End from the air, Vancouver City Archives; Air P96; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/west-end-from-air.


1000 Block Denman Street, east side; 1957; detail from Aerial view of the West End showing the increase of apartment buildings west of Cardero Street; Vancouver City Archives; Dist P133; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/aerial-view-of-west-end-showing-increase-of-apertment-buildings-west-of-cadero-street.


In 1967, a developer demolished the houses on the east side of Denman Street between Nelson Street and Comox Street. The new building on the site was a concrete tower, with retail shopping areas on the lower parts of the building complex.


Vancouver Sun, July 22, 1967, page 27, column 6.


Denman Place construction site; detail from Vancouver skyline, 1970s, Vancouver City Archives; CVA 1435-87; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/british-columbia-vancouver-skyline-80.



Vancouver Sun, September 13, 1967, page 6, columns 1-6.


Vancouver Province, June 19, 1968, page 17, columns 2-4.


Over much of its life, the building was a hotel.

More recent plans have called for the lower part of the building to become a boutique hotel. The upper floors are to be rental apartments.



Denman Place Mall; https://denmanplacemall.wixsite.com/mysite/about: “Denman Place Mall was initially developed by J.A. ”Sandy” Reid in 1966. . . . Ultimately, however, the complex was modified to 35 storeys and was owned by Confederation Life and known as the Denman Place Inn.  . . . In 1983, C.T. Management purchased the complex and the residence became the Denman Place Inn. In 1986, Ramada became involved in the management of the complex and renamed the hotel, as the apartments had become, the Ramada Renaissance.  . . . In 1989, the hotel was purchased by the Okabe Corporation and renamed the Coast Plaza Suite Hotel at Stanley Park. . . . The Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites and Denman Fitness closed their doors in late 2017. Over the next two years, the tower will be renovated; when completed it will become a boutique hotel and residential rental units.”

Vancouver rental tower and boutique hotel planned above Denman Place Mall, by Carlito Pablo, Georgia Straight, June 28, 2016; https://www.straight.com/news/726036/vancouver-rental-tower-and-boutique-hotel-planned-above-denman-place-mall.

“In 2011, Vancouver city council approved a rezoning application to change the use of the building into a rental high-rise.

On June 16 this year, DA Architects + Planners applied for a development permit before city hall to proceed with the conversion of the hotel to a rental tower.

The architectural firm also filed an application to rezone the two levels above Denman Place Mall, where Denman Fitness Centre, Brasserie Bistro, Comox Street Long Bar, and hotel staff offices are located.”

“Sonder to open new boutique hotel in the old Coast Plaza Hotel in Vancouver’s West End,” by Kenneth Chan, Daily Hive, August 2 2019, https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/sonder-coast-plaza-hotel-denman-place-vancouver. “The Montreal-founded digital short-term rental company, now based in San Francisco, is opening a 66-room boutique hotel, complete with guest amenities, within the lower levels of the 1969-built, 32-storey tower.  . . . Above these lower floors for the new Sonder hotel and retail, the old Coast Plaza Hotel’s guest rooms will be retrofitted into 316 rental apartment suites.”

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