Biographies – D

Dack, Howard Fisher (1888-1953)
Dallas, Robert Stuart Morrison (1888-1966)
Dalton, William (Willie) (1866-1946)
Dalton, William Tinniswood (1854-1931)
Daly, Harold Mayne (1880-1969)
Dangerfield, Ernest Vivian (1876-1943)
Daniell, Ernest Augustus Stowey (1871-1958)
Darby, Rowland Sanders (1884-1954)
Darling, Evelyn (“Eva”) May (1854-1935)
Darling, Francis (“Frank”) (1867-1963)
Darling, William Lyell (1880-1964)
David, William Richard (1853-1926)
Davidson, Augustus Alexander (1862-1950)
Davidson, George Allen (1873-1917)
Davidson, John B.
Davidson, John Lynn (1878-1964)
Davidson, Mrs. E.C.
Davie, Humphrey (1873-1963)
Davies, William L.
Davis, John Hardwick (1841-1913)
Davis, Richard Harold (1890-1945)
Davison, Edward Shackle (1859-1943)
Dawson, Charles Edward (1881-1946)
De Beck, Alexis Maria Joseph George (1864-after 1924)
de Bellefeuille, Napoleon (1864-1937)
de la Giroday, Gaston (1884-1969)
De La Haye, Giffard Le Sueur (1878-after 1941)
de Lautour, Percival John Deck (1881-1967)
De Silva, William (1841-1916)
De Wet, Thomas Oloff (1869-1940)
Dean, William Armstrong (1859-1942)
Deane, Evans Brown (1857-1950)
DeBeck, George Ward (1849-1943)
Denniston, Richard (1873-1937)
Devaney, John (“Jack”) Henry (1881-1954)
Devereux, William A. (born 1880)
Devlin, Mrs. William J.
Dickey, Frederick (“Fred”) Martin (1882-after 1918)
Dickey, Hugh Logan (1875-1939)
Dickie, Robert Donald (1866-1957)
Dickson, William Herbert (1870-1930)
Diege, Helmuth William (1870-1935)
Digby, Henry (1859-1926)
Dinning, Ernest C.
Ditmars, William Carey (1865-1960)
Dobrin, Jacob (1889-1951)
Dockrill, Francis Maurice (“Frank”) (1879-1963)
Dodson, Frank (1875-1938)
Dodson, Mabel
Doherty, Mary (1860-1951)
Donald, James Charlton (1867-1913)
Dorrell, George Henry (1864-1946)
Doud, Charles
Douglas, Alexander Harold (1882-1961)
Douglas, Charles Stanford (1852-1917)
Douglas, Francis Ross (1865-1901)
Dowler, Ernest David (1878-1945)
Downes, Alfred (1873-1934)
Downing, John (1842-1906)
Dowswell, Robert (1857-1944)
Doyle, Frank
Draney, Charles Robert (1876-1940)
Draper, Thomas Richard (1852-1925)
Drew, Elizabeth Jane (1873-1925)
Drummond, Herbert Charles (1864-1938)
Drysdale, Daniel (1856-1939)
Duchesnay, Elizabeth (“Lilly”) (1867-1935)
Dudley, Maude Caroline (1872-1925)
Dudney, Thomas Ernest (1887-1969)
Duffey, Edith Arminda (1857-1934)
DuMoulin, John (1846-1916)
Dunbar, John (1872-1960)
Dunell, Basil (1885-1977)
Durand, William Hamilton (1872-1955)
Durham, Herbert Arthur (1880-1952)
Dyke, John (1845-1933)


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