1996 Pendrell Street (also known as 1966 Pendrell Street)

1996 Pendrell Street and 1994 Pendrell Street; about 1910; detail from postcard: The Pier, English Bay, Vancouver, B.C.; https://digital.lib.sfu.ca/pfp-776/pier-english-bay-vancouver-bc. [Tentative identification].

1996 Pendrell Street was on the south side of Pendrell Street, near the intersection with Chilco Street. (Some later references use 1966 Pendrell Street as the address.)

Legal Description: District Lot 185; Block 71; north half of Lot 12.


1900 Block Pendrell Street - Detail from Goad’s Atlas of the city of Vancouver – 1912 – Vol 1 – Plate 8 – Barclay Street to English Bay and Cardero Street to Stanley Park
1900 Block Pendrell Street – Detail from Goad’s Atlas of the city of Vancouver – 1912 – Vol 1 – Plate 8 – Barclay Street to English Bay and Cardero Street to Stanley Park.


1999 Beach Avenue, 1997 Beach Avenue, 1991 Beach Avenue, 1995 Beach Avenue, 1993 Beach Avenue, 1987 Beach Avenue and 1985 Beach Avenue; 1994 Pendrell Street; 1996 Pendrell Street, 1913; detail from Denman Street to Comox Street to Stanley Park boundary to English Bay Reference code – 1972-582-38 – Plate 63; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/plate-63-denman-street-to-comox-street-to-stanley-park-boundary-to-english-bay.


There are no references to this property in Heritage Vancouver Society’s database of historic building permits: http://permits.heritagevancouver.org/index.php?cID=1 [searched March 28, 2019].

Vancouver directory listings from 1911 to 1920:

1911 to 1912 Purshouse, Joseph
1913 to 1914 Purshouse, John
1919 Gowan, Frederick Cutcliffe
1920 Smith, William Lawrence


Vancouver Province, September 2, 1910, page 30, column 3.


About 1926, the addresses of 1994 and 1996 Pendrell Street became 1964 and 1966 Pendrell Street.


Wrigley’s British Columbia Directory, 1926, page 503 (Pendrell Street).


Wrigley’s British Columbia Directory, 1927, page 523 (Pendrell Street).


The houses at 1964 and 1966 Pendrell Street were still standing in 1962.


1966 Pendrell Street and 1964 Pendrell Street; 1962; detail from West End from the air, Vancouver City Archives; Air P96; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/west-end-from-air.


In the mid-1960s, a well-known jazz and avant-garde pianist named Alan Neil lived at 1966 Pendrell Street.


Vancouver Sun, October 14, 1964, page 30, column 1.


In 1966, a fire destroyed the house.


Vancouver Sun, September 6, 1966, page 31, column 2.


In 1968, the former site of 1966 Pendrell Street was vacant.


Former 1996/1966 Pendrell Street; 1964 and 1988 Pendrell Street at the southeast corner of Chilco Street, 1968; Vancouver City Archives, CVA 1348-5; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/1964-6-and-1988-pendrell-at-s-e-corner-of-chilco.


Former 1996 Pendrell Street at Chilco Street; 1968; Vancouver City Archives, CVA 1348-6; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/1964-6-pendrell-at-chilco.


This lot later became part of the site of the Huntington West apartments at 1995 Beach Avenue. (Further information appears on the page for 1999 Beach Avenue.)



Al Neil (pianist)

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