1224 Denman Street

1224 Denman Street, about 1906; detail from English Bay Beach, Vancouver City Archives; Be P31.4; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/english-bay-beach-8.


1224 Denman Street was on the east side of Denman Street, south of the intersection with Davie Street.

Legal Description: District Lot: 185; Block: 62; south half of Lot 14.

The house appeared in the 1901 version of a Vancouver fire insurance plan.


1200 block of Denman Street, east side; detail from insurance plan – City of Vancouver, July 1897, revised June 1901 – Sheet 45 – Comox Street to English Bay and Bidwell Street to Stanley Park.



1200 block of Denman Street, east side; detail from insurance plan – City of Vancouver, July 1897, revised June 1903 – Sheet 45 – Comox Street to English Bay and Bidwell Street to Stanley Park.



1200 Block Denman Street - detail from Goad's Atlas of the city of Vancouver - 1912 - Vol 1 - Plate 15 - Broughton Street to Denman Street and Davie Street to English Bay

1200 Block Denman Street – detail from Goad’s Atlas of the city of Vancouver – 1912 – Vol 1 – Plate 15 – Broughton Street to Denman Street and Davie Street to English Bay.




There is one reference to this property in Heritage Vancouver Society’s database of historic building permits: http://permits.heritagevancouver.org/index.php?cID=1 [searched January 18, 2020].


District: Vancouver
Permit: 8012
Owner: Hackmuth, E. W. (agent)
Architect: Boldue, L. (contr.)
Builder: Boldue, L. (contr.)
Legal Address: DL: 185 Block: Sub: Resub: Lot:
Date (Y-M-D): 1916-03-29
Street Number: 1224
Street Name: Denman Street
Value: $300.00
Remarks: Repairs; addition to dwelling [BCR]; [added DL]
Reference ID: VN-0070-0071-14


Vancouver directory listings from 1902 to 1920


1902 to 1903 Henderson, Harold Morton
1904 to 1905 Sewell, Frank Crompton
1906 Jack, George
1907 Macdonald, Harriet
1908 Marett, Albert Ernest
1909 Mitton, Edward Stanley
1910 de Lautour, Percival John Deck
1911 to 1913 Small, William
1914 Draper, Thomas
1915 to 1916 McCullouch, George F.
1917 Rene, Emile (Emil) Louis
1918 to 1920 Vacant


The house was often available to rent, and the tenants moved in and out quite frequently.

In 1903, the contents of the house were for sale by auction.


Vancouver Daily World, October 3, 1903, page 4, column 6.


The Edward Stanley Mitton family spent about one year at this location.


Vancouver Province, December 14, 1908, page 9, column 3.



Vancouver Province, November 15, 1909, page 9, column 4.



1224 Denman Street; about 1913; detail from postcard: English Bay from pier; Vancouver City Archives; AM1052 P-14; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/english-bay-from-pier.


Vancouver Province, October 23, 1914, page 18, column 2.


Vancouver Province, December 30, 1929, page 15, column 1.


Princess Pat Tearoom


1224 Denman Street, about 1920; detail from View of English Bay Beach and bathhouses from the pier; Vancouver City Archives, CVA 1504-2; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/view-of-english-bay-beach-and-bathhouses-from-pier.


Sometime before 1920 there was an addition to the front of the house. (This might be the addition that appears in Heritage Vancouver Society’s database, above.)

According to some sources, the Princess Pat Tearoom was at 1224 Denman Street from 1915 until 1946. The proprietor was Aleck Gregory, who was also a fan of jazz music. He was born in Greece in 1885.

Aleck Gregory had been in Vancouver in 1912. He went back home to fight as an artillery officer during Greece’s war with Turkey.


Vancouver Province, February 17, 1913, page 4, column 3.


In 1915, he was back in Vancouver. He was living at the West Hotel at 444 Carrall Street. He and James Lukas were operating the Greek Coffee House at 149 East Hastings Street.

The Vancouver directories did not list Princess Pat Tearooms until 1926. However, “Alex Gregory” was in the directory in 1921, and he was with the Esplanade Pavilion Limited, which was at 1214-1224 Denman Street. Suhlies (or Suhlus) Gost was the manager of the business.


Henderson’s Vancouver Directory, 1921, page 676.


Henderson’s Vancouver Directory, 1921, page 615.


Henderson’s Vancouver Directory, 1921, page 665.


Esplanade Pavilion Limited was incorporated in 1918.


“Companies Registered,” Victoria Daily Times, May 2, 1918, page 7, column 4.


Some references said that the address of the pavilion was 1795 Beach Avenue, which was actually across the lane and south of 1224 Denman Street.)


1224 Denman Street and 1795 Beach Avenue, August 1946; detail from English Bay; Vancouver City Archives, CVA 586-4569; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/english-bay-14.



Vancouver Sun, May 28, 1921, page 7, column 4.



Vancouver Province, July 17, 1919, page 20, column 4.


By 1926, Aleck Gregory was the proprietor at 1224 Denman Street, and the business was called the Princess Pat Tearooms.

In 1929, Aleck was charged with paying his employees less than the prescribed minimum wages.


Vancouver Province, October 8, 1929, page 28, column 7.


The Princess Pat Tearooms carried on business at 1224 Denman Street through the 1930s and early 1940s.

There was a shortage of workers during the Second World War, and the tearoom was often advertising for help.


Vancouver Province, February 18, 1943, page 18, column 5.



Vancouver Province, August 19, 1943, page 20, column 6.



Vancouver Province, May 30, 1945, page 16, column 7.





In October 1946, the building at 1224 Denman Street was demolished (along with the building at 1214 Denman Street).


Vancouver Province, October 12, 1946, page 21, column 4.


Vancouver Province, October 25, 1946, page 22, column 2.


After the Princess Pat Tearooms were gone, Aleck Gregory retired, although he lived in Vancouver until the late 1960s. He died in Vancouver on April 2, 1969.


“Just Jazz,” by Bob Smith, Vancouver Sun, October 30, 1964, page 13, columns 3-6.


From the late 1940s until the mid-1950s, the east side of the 1200 block of Denman Street was vacant, and it operated as a parking lot.


Southeast corner of Denman Street and Davie Street; detail from BO-54-211 : First Beach; http://vintageairphotos.com/bo-54-211/.



Berkeley Tower

In 1958, a developer built the Berkeley Tower apartment building on the site. (The address is 1770 Davie Street.)


Vancouver Province, March 29, 1958, page 22, columns 1-2.



Berkeley Tower Apartments under construction, detail from Residences in the 1700 block of Davie Street, July 1958; Vancouver City Archives, Bu P508.3; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/residences-in-1700-block-of-davie-street.


Part of the Berkeley Tower development included a low-rise portion on the east side of Denman Street.


Vancouver Sun, April 4, 1959, page 40, column 8.



1200 block of Denman Street, east side, about 1960, detail from View of English Bay beach from Stanley Park; Vancouver City Archives, CVA 392-1160; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/nst-5640.


Rental units in the tower were available in 1959.


Vancouver Sun, August 29, 1959, page 39, column 4.


A new owner bought the building in 1967.


Vancouver Province, January 4, 1967, page 12, column 1.


In the 1970s, a branch of the Bank of Montreal was at the southeast corner of Denman Street and Davie Street.


Bank of Montreal, southwest corner of Denman Street and Davie Street, about 1975; detail from N.E. Corner Davie and Denman Streets; Vancouver City Archives, CVA 447-370; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/n-e-corner-davie-and-denman-sts.



1200 block of Denman Street, east side; Google Streets, searched January 18, 2020; image dated May 2019.


Reliance Properties bought Berkeley Tower in 2016, and the company prepared to renovate the building. The building’s tenants objected to the resulting “renovictions.”

In November 2019, the City of Vancouver approved the renovation scheme. The tenants were to receive a variety of assistance options, including compensation for the loss of their tenancies and offers of alternative rental units in the city.



Aleck Gregory (proprietor of Princess Pat Tearoom)

“British Columbia Death Registrations, 1872-1986; 1992-1993”, database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:FLY1-5JF : 8 November 2017), Alexander Gregory, 1969; http://search-collections.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/Image/Genealogy/a0c95afc-55fb-4a3e-8a14-2804b23268b9.

“Remember?” [Obituary and memoir of Aleck Gregory], by Bob Smith, Vancouver Sun, April 25, 1969, page 27A.


Berkeley Tower

Berkeley Tower owner increases buyout offer to tenants, by Dan Fumano; Vancouver Sun, November 26, 2018; https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/dan-fumano-berkeley-tower-owner-increases-buyout-offer-to-tenants.

“City of Vancouver green lights overhaul of West End rental building Berkeley Towers,” by Joanne Lee-Young, Vancouver Sun, November 2, 2019; https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/city-of-vancouver-green-lights-overhaul-of-west-end-rental-building-berkeley-towers.


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