Pendrell Street

Pendrell Street runs between Davie Street and Comox Street from Burrard Street to Denman Street. From Denman Street, Pendrell runs for one block between Comox Street and Morton Avenue, and then between Comox Street and Beach Avenue, to the edge of Stanley Park.

Source of name

Pendrell Street is named after Pendrell Sound, which got its name from Alfred Pendrell Waddington (1801-1872). This is one of the streets that Lauchlan Hamilton named after features on a Pacific Coast admiralty chart.

Among other things, Alfred Waddington established a mule trail from the head of Bute Inlet up the Homathko River into the Chilcotin.

“Pendrell” is the normal spelling of the Vancouver street, but it sometimes appears as “Pendril” or “Pendrill” or “Penderell.” The Dictionary of Canadian Biography article on Alfred Penderell Waddington includes the extra “e”: “Penderell.”

Elizabeth Walker, Street Names of Vancouver, 1999, page 98; John T. Walbran, British Columbia Coast Names: Their Origin and History, p. 516 [in connection with Waddington Harbour and Waddington Channel; there is no mention of Pendrell Sound]; BC Geographical Names, Pendrell Sound also connects Pendrell Sound with Alfred Waddington.

Richard Edward Allen, A Pictorial History of Vancouver: Book 1: Origin of Street and Place Names, 1982, page 94, suggests that the origin of the name is believed to be after Pendrell, the hydrographer on the survey ship H.M.S. Plumper. However, the connection with Alfred Waddington seems more persuasive.

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