Spooner, Mrs. F.W. (Spooner, Clara Gertrude) (1869-1945)

This person is probably Clara Gertrude Spooner (sometimes called “Daisy”). She was married to Francis Woodbury Spooner, who generally described himself as an engineer, although he was involved in several construction and building-related enterprises. She lived at 1008 Denman Street in 1918.

(There was also a Francis William Spooner in Vancouver about this same time, but the evidence suggests that Francis Woodbury Spooner is the correct person.)


Francis Woodbury Spooner: Family Background

Francis Woodbury Spooner was born on June 22, 1873 at Inglesham, Wiltshire, England, about 30 km west of Oxford. He was christened on August 24, 1873, also at Inglesham.

Francis’s father was Rev. George Woodbury Spooner (1813-1907), (sometimes called “George Woodberry Spooner”). Francis’s mother was Mary Ann Wheeler (born in Highnorth, Wiltshire in 1839; she died possibly in 1901). Mary Ann was George’s third wife; they married in Leicester on October 22, 1863.

George Woodbury Spooner was the son of Thomas Spooner. George went to the University of Oxford, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Magdalen Hall on November 16, 1843. From 1853 to 1857, he was a priest at St. Mary church, Dunstall, in the parish of Tatenhill, Staffordshire. Later he became archdeacon at Inglesham, Wiltshire.


To Canada

Sometime before 1898, Francis travelled to Canada.

On September 18, 1898, he married Clara Gertrude Gange at Red Deer Hill (near Prince Albert, which was then part of the Northwest Territories, later Saskatchewan). Clara was born on June 2, 1869, at Bristol, Gloucestershire.

Like Francis, Clara was from a religious family. Her father was Rev. Edwin Gorsuch Gange (1844-1921), a Baptist minister at Westbury Upon Trym, Gloucestershire. Her mother was Anne Hackett (born 1847). Rev. Gange was also a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society; he went on a tour of North America, Australia, and New Zealand in 1906-1907.


Clara’s Previous Marriage

Before her marriage to Francis, Clara had been married before, to Harry Weston, in Bristol in the first quarter of 1888. Harry may have been from Bridlington, Yorkshire, England. Harry and Clara had two sons: Norman Weston and Lawrence Stephen Mortimer Weston (sometimes called Stephen).

Norman Weston (possibly Norman Edgar Weston) was born in England on Feb 11, 1889. Norman may have died in Bristol in early 1919.

Lawrence Stephen Mortimer Weston was born in England on May 24, 1890 (or 1892). He married Ellen Winnifred Warron Pocknell in Vancouver on August 18, 1920. Stephen Lawrence Mortimer Weston died in Vancouver on August 24, 1973. Ellen died in Burnaby on February 26, 1978. Lawrence and Ellen are both buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Burnaby, BC.


Francis and Clara: Children

Soon after Francis and Clara were married, they had two sons: Lancelot and Alan.

Lancelot George Spooner was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (then part of the Northwest Territories) on September 22, 1899. Lancelot Spooner enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force on August 7, 1916, the same day as his father. Lancelot died on November 15, 1918, just as the First World War came to an end. He was buried in Auberchicourt British Cemetery in France.

Alan Ronald Spooner was born on May 6, 1902, in Prince Albert. Alan Spooner was married to Hilda May Robson. He became a bank manager. He was living in Sidney, British Columbia, when he died on January 23, 1989.


Later Life

Clara Gertrude Spooner died in Victoria, BC, on August 23, 1945.

After Clara’s death, Francis married Kathleen Cleverly Copeman. She was born in Bologne, France, on March 23, 1883, the daughter of Wilberforce Wilson and Jessie Ransome. Kathleen had earlier been married to Gordon Utting Copeman. The marriage occurred in Vancouver on September 18, 1906; Katherine and Gordon were divorced on December 18, 1945.

Francis Woodbury Spooner died in Victoria, BC, on April 9, 1967.

Kathleen Cleverly Spooner died in Victoria, BC, on June 9, 1977.



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