2060 Comox Street

2060 Comox Street was on the south side of Comox Street, just east of the boundary with Stanley Park.

Legal Description: District Lot 185, Block 70, Lot 18.

2000 Block Comox Street, south side; detail from Insurance plan, City of Vancouver, July 1897, revised June 1903, Sheet 45; Comox Street to English Bay and Bidwell Street to Stanley Park.


2000 Block Comox Street - Detail from Goad’s Atlas of the city of Vancouver – 1912 – Vol 1 – Plate 8 – Barclay Street to English Bay and Cardero Street to Stanley Park

2000 Block Comox Street – Detail from Goad’s Atlas of the city of Vancouver – 1912 – Vol 1 – Plate 8 – Barclay Street to English Bay and Cardero Street to Stanley Park.


2060 Comox Street; 1913, detail from Chilco Street to Burrard Inlet to Stanley Park boundary to Pendrell Street; 1972-582.37 – Plate 62; Reference code: AM1594-MAP 383-: 1972-582.37; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/plate-62-chilco-street-to-burrard-inlet-to-stanley-park-boundary-to-pendrell-street.

There are no references to this property in Heritage Vancouver Society’s database of historic building permits: http://permits.heritagevancouver.org/index.php?cID=1 [searched February 13, 2019].

Vancouver directory listings from 1905 to 1920:

1905 to 1906 Foster, Jonathan Wilson
1907 to 1909 Langley, Arthur Austin
1911 Stewart, Angus McKay
1911 Henderson, Thomas Morrison
1912 to 1913 Little, John Thomas
1914 Rorke, Edward D’Alton
1915 to 1916 Ford, Robert Bertram
1917 to 1918 Sayer, Harry Ratheram
1919 to 1920 Lee, Norman Frederick

The early residents of the house tended to stay for only one to three years. From time to time there were auctions of household furnishings.

Vancouver Province, January 22, 1916, page 23, column 5.

The house was a private residence until the mid-1940s.

In 1935, the yard at 2060 Comox Street was the location of the official weather thermometers for Vancouver.

Vancouver Province, January 19, 1935, page 1, columns 2-3.

The house later became a rooming house.

Vancouver Province, March 19, 1946, page 17, column 5.

There was a house on the property in 1954. However, it is not clear if this was the original house, a modified version of the original house, or a replacement. The house in the photograph below does not seem to resemble the outline of the house in the earlier maps and plans near the top of this page.

2060 Comox Street, detail from First Beach, 1954; BO-54-211; http://vintageairphotos.com/bo-54-211/.

A house was still on the property in 1962. The lot also included a series of garages at the rear of the lot.

2060 Comox Street; 1962; detail from West End from the air, Vancouver City Archives; Air P96; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/west-end-from-air.

In 1964, house wreckers demolished the building.

Vancouver Province, September 2, 1964, page 22, column 6.


Vancouver Province, September 15, 1964, page 28, column 2.

In September 1965, a new apartment building called “Park Vista” was on the site.

Vancouver Sun, September 16, 1965, page 53, column 7.


2060 Comox Street; Google Streets; searched February 16, 2019; image dated May 2012.



Park Vista, 2060 Comox Street, Vancouver BC Canada; http://skyscraperpage.com/cities/?buildingID=54094.

Park Vista, 2060 Comox Street, Vancouver BC Canada; https://www.emporis.com/buildings/113164/park-vista-vancouver-canada.

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