1966 Georgia Street

1966 Georgia Street was part of the house that had a main address of 1968 Georgia Street.

1968 Georgia Street was one of four similar houses on the south side of Georgia Street, near the intersection with Chilco Street. (Further details appear on the page for 1968 Georgia Street.)


1900 block Georgia Street, about 1909; detail from Man in scull on south side of Coal Harbour; Vancouver City Archives; CVA 7-267; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/man-in-scull-on-south-side-of-coal-harbour.


1974 Georgia Street, 1968 Georgia Street, 1964 Georgia Street and 1954 Georgia Street, detail from Goad’s Atlas of Vancouver, Volume 1, Plate 48 [Denman Street to Georgia Street to Chilco Street to Haro Street]; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/plate-48-denman-street-to-georgia-street-to-chilco-street-to-haro-street.

1968 Georgia Street and 1974 Georgia Street, June 30, 1914; detail from Coal Harbour view from Denman Street; Vancouver City Archives; CVA 789-123; http://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/coal-harbour-view-from-denman-street.



Vancouver directory listings from 1902 to 1920.


1902 to 1903 Ludgate, Wallace Gordon
1904 Occupied
1905 to 1913 Not listed under Vancouver streets
1914 to 1915 Cook, Charles
1916 to 1917 Vacant
1918 Shardlow, Harry
1919 Ribchester, Edward (see George Wesley Ribcester)
1920 to 1921 Crawford, William Dunne


From the 1920s to about 1960, the house offered rental accommodations, and the rooming house business was for sale from time to time.


Vancouver Province, August 18, 1922, page 18, column 2.


Vancouver Province, October 18, 1923, page 19, column 8.


Vancouver Sun, April 8, 1930, page 12, column 6.


In 1932, the contents of the house were for sale by auction.


Vancouver Sun, November 28, 1932, page 17, column 8.


Vancouver Province, May 28, 1936, page 15, column 3.


Vancouver Sun, December 30, 1942, page 16, column 7.


Vancouver Province, March 6, 1947, page 28, column 6.



Vancouver Sun, May 30, 1947, page 34, column 2.



Vancouver Province, July 22, 1955, page 32, column 4.


Vancouver Province, July 7, 1960, page 20, column 2.


A fire in 1960 destroyed the Stanley Park Armouries (formerly called the Horse Show Building). The fire damaged the building at 1964 Georgia Street, but 1968 Georgia Street and 1974 Georgia Street were relatively unharmed. (The house at 1954 Georgia Street had been demolished in 1955.)



1964 Georgia Street (front, covered by tarp), 1968 Georgia Street, portions of 1974 Georgia Street at rear; 1960, detail from Ruins of the Stanley Park Armouries (Horse Show Building), 1900 West Georgia Street; Vancouver City Archives, Bu N544.2; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/ruins-of-stanley-park-armouries-horse-show-building-1900-west-georgia-street.



1964 Georgia Street, 1968 Georgia Street, and 1974 Georgia Street; detail from Coal Harbour in Vancouver, B.C.; July 1965; Northern B.C. Archives, Item 2013.; https://search.nbca.unbc.ca/index.php/coal-harbour-in-vancouver-b-c-6.


By July 1982, when house wreckers demolished the Stuart Building at 1974 Georgia Street, the building at 1968 Georgia Street (along with 1966 Georgia Street) was also gone.


Stuart Building, 1974 West Georgia Street, demolition in progress; Our Missing Heritage: the Stuart Building, by Eve Lazarus, April 9, 2016; original photograph by Angus McIntyre; https://evelazarus.com/our-missing-heritage-the-stuart-building/


 The property later became part of the site of the Laguna Parkside apartment building, which has an address of 1925 Alberni Street. (Further information appears on the page for the Horse Show Building.)


1900 West Georgia Street, south side, west end of block; Google Streets, searched January 7, 2020; image dated May 2012.

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