Banks, William A.

William A. Banks lived at 786 Gilford Street in 1918.

Although there is no occupation for him in the 1918 Vancouver directory listing, he may have been a salesman or real estate agent.

The following directory listings may refer to the same person, but there is nothing conclusive at this time.

In 1914, a W.A. Banks was living at 568 Seymour Street.

In 1915, a William A. Banks was living at 1636 Davie Street. He was a real estate agent for Mercantile Mortgage Company Ltd., which had its office at 201 – 318 Homer Street. James B. Mathers was the president of the company; George Hay was the secretary; Stephen W. Thacker was the manager.

In 1916 and 1917, a William A. Banks was living at 10 – 960 Bidwell Street. In 1916, he was a salesman.

In 1919 and 1920, there is no directory listing for W. A. Banks or for William A. Banks.

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