Evans, William D.

William D. Evans was a realtor. He lived at 821 Denman Street in 1913.

William D. Evans had a real estate business called W.D. Evans and Company. Their offices were at number 23 in the Canada Life Assurance Building at 640 West Hastings Street.

John Stigers was also with W.D. Evans and Company. In 1913, John Stigers was living at the Empress Hotel at 235 East Hastings Street. (Lyle Leroy Mills, of 1967 Barclay Street, was the proprietor of the Empress Hotel.)

W.D. Evans advertised in the Vancouver World on March 28, 1913, page 26: “W. D. Evans Co. 23 Canada Life Building.”

W.D. Evans may have been associated with Federal Investments Limited, which was at 350 West Pender Street in 1912. W.D. Evans advertised in the Vancouver World on January 29, 1913, pages 22 and 23: “W. D. Evans, 350 Pender Street, West.” Ralph Smith, of 2394 West First Avenue, and William S. Cameron, of 2544 West Third Avenue, were involved in Federal Investments Limited.

No further information is available for William D. Evans.

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