Biographies – T

Tait, John Spottiswood (1875-1951)
Tallamy, Lionel George William (1887-1969)
Taylor, Austin Cottrell (1889-1965)
Taylor, Edwin David (1873-1961)
Taylor, G. H.
Taylor, John Fenton (1860-1930)
Teevan, Thomas Foster (1888-1957)
Teevens, John Bernard (1879-1951)
Telford, John Neil (1855-1919)
Thirkell, Leonard William (1866-1942)
Thomas, Bruno (1859-1938)
Thomas, Emery Arthur (1874-1963)
Thomas, Ernest Webb (1884-1970)
Thomas, Gabriel (1870-1960)
Thomas, Herbert Edward (1886-1971)
Thomas, Iltyd (1875-1921)
Thomas, Margaret
Thompson, Agnes
Thompson, James Francis (1883-1955)
Thompson, John E.
Thompson, William Edmund (1858-1928)
Thomson, Eric (1885-1948)
Thomson, James Bain (1876-1958)
Thomson, Miss G. M.
Thorburn, Mansel Hay (1885-1954)
Thorne, Henry James (1872-1923)
Thorneloe, William John (1869-1940)
Thornton, William Andrew (1865-1929)
Thorpe, Sidney Ernest (1889-1959)
Thynne, Arthur Granville (1867-1948)
Tidswell, Frank (also known as Samuel Tidswell) (1875-1960)
Tiffin, John Butler (1848-1930)
Tilley, Jane (“Jeannie”) Martha (1850-1931)
Tippet, Henry Jackson (1884-1949)
Tireman, Frederick Clifton (1874-1955)
Tomlinson, Basil Murray (1881-1965)
Topham, Thomas (1872-1935)
Tornroos, Gunnar Wilhelm (1883-1940)
Torrance, William Lorne (1881-1938)
Tozer, Harry (1881-1951)
Trail, Herbert Horatio (1888-1979)
Travis, George Douglas (1859-1915)
Tregent, Albert Edward (1854-1945)
Trelawny, John Francis Fellowes (1874-1928)
Tremlett, Henry (1869-1959)
Trott, Thomas William (1875-1960)
Trounce, Nina Marian (1875-1951)
Troup, James William (1855-1931)
Truell, Newton Theodore (1866-1947)
Tudhope, Hugh Reid (1876-1941)
Tunstall, Mrs. Simon John (Marianne Lawson Innes) (1862-1935)
Tupper, Charles Hibbert (1855-1927)
Turner, Archibald Robert (1877-1944)
Turner, Geoffrey Surtees (1878-1939)
Turner, William (1866-1951)
Tuthill, Emma Deponai (1851-1927)
Tweedale, Cyril Aitken (1881-1938)

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