Biographies – P

Pace, Herbert
Paddon (A.F.) and Company [Arthur Follett Paddon (1881-1923)]
Page, David Farquhar Graham (1875-1932)
Page, John
Palmer, Arthur Barden (1862-1951)
Palmer, Edward George (1866-1944)
Park, Henry Stewart (1888-1934)
Parker, Sarah Mary (1844-1922)
Parkinson, Caroline Matilda (1865-1934)
Parks, Frederick James (1869-1948)
Parr, Allan Gordon (1879-1954)
Parrott, William Alfred (1879-1942)
Paterson, Allan
Paton, Robert Carrie (1884-1968)
Patton, John Killips (1860-1925)
Paxman, John Wellington (1867-1948)
Paxton, James Thompson Tighe (1865-1943)
Payne, Henry Thomas (1862-1945)
Payne, Robert Alexander (1880-1970)
Peacock, Thomas Paddison (1880-1951)
Pearce, Alfred Charles (1872-1947)
Pease, Alfred McGowan (1851-1917)
Pease, Frank
Peerless, Sidney John (1882-1951)
Pegram, William Henry (1868-1943)
Pemberton, William Henry (1888-1936)
Pengelley, Robert John (1871-1961)
Pennington, Dee Clifford (1886-1971)
Penny, Harold Edmund Glencairn (1882-1948)
Penwill, Charles Tooley (1845-1916)
Pepper, William (1878-1950)
Perceval, Echlin (1858-1935)
Perman, Arthur Evelyn (1876-1970)
Peterson, Clare Bristow (1884-1957)
Phelan, John Theodore (1859-1929)
Phelps, John Gary (1882-1953)
Phillips, Frank Grimmer (1862-1931)
Phillips, John W.
Phillips, Ruth
Pidgeon, Edward Leslie (1873-1946)
Piers, Charles Pigott (1870-1945)
Pike, James Nicholson (1859-1908)
Pilkington, Alfred James (1871-1946)
Pinneo, Roger Daniel (1873-1935)
Plummer, Alfred Edwin (1854-1935)
Pollock, James Robert (1870-1957)
Ponsford, Alice (1857-1948)
Poole, Henry Burton (1876-1942)
Porpa, Claude Reginald (1856-1911)
Powell, Benjamin
Powell, Ernest Clemow (1872-1937)
Pratt, Harry Samuel (1888-1961)
Prescott, John William (1866-1937)
Preston, Albert Keith (1860-1943)
Preston, Charles (1871-1938)
Price, George R.
Price, John
Procter, Frederick James (1863-1916)
Prowse, Cecil Axford (1882-1966)
Purdy, Ernest Ralph (1874-1944)
Pursehouse, John (1852-1922)
Putnam, Hugh Lawrence (1883-1983)


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