Biographies – R

Radforth, Morton (1884-1971)
Rae, Thomas Clouston (1853-1939)
Rainsford, Benjamin Clews (1854-1928)
Ramsay, Edward
Rankin (unknown given name)
Rankin, John Sperry (1860-1942)
Ravey, Martin James (1872-1948)
Rawlings, William Stanley (1882-1937)
Read, John A.
Reed, James Beresford (1878-1927)
Reese, Richard Edward (1851-1926)
Reid, Harry Leighton (1882-1922)
Reid, Lestock Blair (1885-1954)
Rene, Emile (Emil) Louis (1874-1939)
Renton, James Wigton (1869-1945)
Reynolds, Frederick Black (1882-after 1924)
Rhodes, Harry (1856-1931)
Ribchester, George Wesley (1860-1945)
Richards, Frank Graham (1854-1921)
Richards, Susan (1823-1917)
Richardson, George William (1859-1921)
Richardson, Mary Florence (1867-1943)
Richardson, Wesley (1861-1946)
Richardson, William Lionel (1862-1935)
Ridley, Henry Edward (1863-1915)
Rigby, William Henry (1882-1979)
Ritchie, George (1864-1946)
Roberts, Charles Edward
Roberts, George
Roberts, William Augustus (1871-1946)
Roberts, William H.
Robertson, Gideon (1834-1920)
Robertson, H. J.
Robertson, Tate MacEwen (1878-1948)
Robertson, William Ritchie (1859-1927)
Robinson, C. W.
Robinson, George Herbert (1890-1963)
Robinson, Harold Archibald (1879-after 1918)
Robinson, Samuel (1870-1958)
Robson, Charles William (1853-1906)
Robson, Frank and Herbert Robson
Rochester, John Young (1852-1942)
Roden, Howard Frederick (1883-1965)
Rogers, Blythe Dupuy (1893-1920)
Rogers, Charles W.
Rogers, Clara Augusta (1832-1910)
Rogers, Jonathan (1865-1945)
Rogers, Lincoln (1864-1920)
Rorke, Edward D’Alton (1879-1957)
Rose, James E.
Ross, John Campbell (1881-1961)
Ross, Willard Webster (1864-1940)
Rounsefell, Francis William (“Frank”) (1868-1938)
Routledge, Henry Boyle (1889-1967)
Rowan, Archibald (1872-1941)
Rowe, Eric Kingdon (1886-1943)
Roys, Rufus Halsey (1849-1940)
Rush, Spencer Stanley Frederick (1888-1955)
Russell, Finley Robert McDonald (1870-1939)
Russell, James
Russell, Joseph Ambrose (1866-1949)
Russell, William Henry Keltie (1862-1924)
Rutherford, Alfred Edward (1872-1937)
Rutledge, Anson Blis Cole (1885-1967)
Ryan, Wallace Campbell (1889-1949)


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