Biographies – W, X, Y, Z

Walkem, George Alexander (1872-1946)

Walkem, Richard Knox (1880-1962)

Walsh, Walter William (1875-1947)

Watkins, Henry T.M.

Watson, Eugene (1859-after 1913)

Watts, Inverness William (1875-1922)

White, Benjamin (1844-19–)

Whiteway, William Tuff (1857-1940)

Wickwire, Hanlan Garfield (1880- after 1949)

Widdicombe, Harry Templer (1864-1917)

Williamson, Albert (1878-1917)

Williamson, Allan Thomas Little (1882-1955)

Wilson, David Henry (1855-1926)

Wilson, Philip Aitken (1874-1956)

Wilson, Thomas Haddow (1869-1927)

Woodward, Percival Archibald (1888-1968)

Worley, John Frederic (1855-1939)

Wright, Ethel Lillian (1880-19??)

Wright, Leslie Havelock (1868-1948)

Wright, Mrs. Leslie Havelock (Clara Dupuy Rogers) (1867-1944)

Wyatt, Thomas (1867-after 1913)

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