1844 Haro Street

1844 Haro Street is an address that seems to apply to a part of the house at 1846 Haro Street. (It may also be a misprint for another address.)


1846 Haro Street (rear); August 15, 1907; detail from Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club – finals international – Tyler and Ballinger vs. Payne and Armstrong; Vancouver City Archives: CVA 677-242; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/vancouver-lawn-tennis-club-finals-international-tyler-and-ballinger-vs-payne-and-armstrong.


1846 Haro Street; detail from Goad’s Atlas of Vancouver, volume 1, Plate 54 [Denman Street to Haro Street to Chilco Street to Comox Street]; Vancouver City Archives, 1972-582.29; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/plate-54-denman-street-to-haro-street-to-chilco-street-to-comox-street.

The 1916 Vancouver directory listed Mrs. Tatlow at 1844 Haro Street. (Mrs. Tatlow was Elizabeth Mary Tatlow (née Cambie), a daughter of Henry John Cambie. )


Henderson’s Greater Vancouver City Directory, 1916, page 270 (Haro Street).


However, in the 1916 street listing, Mrs. Tatlow was at 1884 Haro Street.


Henderson’s Greater Vancouver City Directory, 1916, page 928.


1884 Haro Street was a house that Frank Rounsefell built on the southeast corner of Haro Street and Gilford Street, and it appeared in the Vancouver directories in many other years.

As well, Mrs. Tatlow was at 1884 Haro Street in 1913, so it seems likely that the intended 1916 address for her was also 1884 Haro.

In the 1917 Vancouver street and name listings, Marietta McLaren was at 1844 Haro Street. She was the wife of John Gordon McLaren.


Henderson’s Greater Vancouver City Directory, 1917, page 180.


Henderson’s Greater Vancouver City Directory, 1917, page 636.


The McLaren family lived at 1846 Haro Street from 1918 to 1940. As well, Mrs. McLaren obtained a 1917 building permit for 1846 Haro Street. Therefore, it appears that the intended 1917 address for Mrs. McLaren was 1846 Haro Street.


The Vancouver Province published a 1947 advertisement for a room at 1844 Haro Street.


Vancouver Province, July 2, 1947, page 25, column 6.


The Vancouver directories in the late 1940s showed no listings for 1844 Haro Street. During that period, Ethel McIntyre rented rooms at 1846 Haro Street. It seems likely that the newspaper advertisement misprinted 1844 Haro Street for some other address.