1899 Beach Avenue

1899 Beach Avenue was the address for the Sylvia Grocery, which was on the ground floor of the Sylvia Court Apartments (later called the Sylvia Hotel).

The store was on the southwest corner of the building, at the intersection of Beach Avenue and Gilford Street.

In some years, the address appeared as 1897 Beach Avenue. In other years, the store’s address was 1154 Gilford Street, which was the main address of Sylvia Court.


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1915 to 1918 Gibbon, John Elmslie
1919 to 1920 Sylvia Grocery



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In 1929, the equipment and display cases of the grocery store were for sale.


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The store was vacant in 1930.


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By the time of the photographs below, there was no sign of the grocery store on the ground floor of the Sylvia.

William Arthur Gale’s grocery store was next door at 1875 Beach Avenue from about 1926 until 1950. Further information appears on the page for 1875 Beach Avenue.


Sylvia Hotel, possibly 1940s, https://sylviahotel.com/history/ (W.A. Gale grocery was at 1875 Beach Avenue from the late 1930s until about 1950.)

Sylvia Hotel, possibly 1940s, https://sylviahotel.com/history/ (W.A. Gale’s grocery was at 1875 Beach Avenue from the late 1930s until about 1950.)



Sylvia Hotel, Vintage Vancouver B.C.; probably 1950s; https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/498492252488371490/ [Note: photograph is not reversed. The Sylvia sign on the top of the building faced east, so that it was legible from the downtown side of the building.]

The Sylvia Hotel’s lounge currently occupies the location of the former grocery store.


Sylvia Hotel, northeast corner of Beach Avenue and Gilford Street; Google Streets; searched November 16, 2019; image dated May 2019.


Sylvia Hotel, lounge, looking southwest to Beach Avenue, Gilford Street and English Bay; https://ca.hotels.com/ho254215/sylvia-hotel-vancouver-canada/#:WO:wo1.