West End - Postcard - Looking west down Davie Street

West End – Postcard – Looking west down Davie Street

This site is about the history of the West End in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, starting in the late 1800s and running to about 1920. It deals mostly with the West of Denman area, which goes from Denman Street on the east to Stanley Park on the west, and from Coal Harbour on the north to English Bay on the south. This is an outline of what is on the site:

  1. General historical background, including information on street layout and street names
  2. Houses and individual named buildings
  3. Biographies and named businesses

Each house and building will eventually have its own page, with links to other information on this site and elsewhere. Similarly, each head of a household or family will have their own page, with links to other information on this site and elsewhere. I haven’t yet included many pictures showing the buildings that are currently on each site. Below are sources for some current buildings. I don’t have any connection to these sites, but they are often useful:

  1. Vancouver Real Estate: Les Twarog and Sonja Pederson: Strata Building Location Map for West End:
  2. Vancouver Real Estate: Les Twarog and Sonja Pederson: Strata Building List for West End:

The About page gives more details on the general nature of this site. Each time I add a new page, I include a short post on the blog part of the site, including a short description of the subject of the page, along with a link to the page.

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Please let me know what you think. If you have any questions, comments, or additional information, I would be pleased to hear from you. Robert Moen

John Shaw Helyer (1857-1919)

I updated the page on John Shaw Helyer, an architect who lived at 944 Denman Street from 1917 to 1919. His most well-known building in Vancouver is the Dominion Trust Building. His other buildings in Vancouver included the Stock Exchange Building and the Metropolitan Building.

John Helyer’s wife, Mary Jane Helyer (née Young) (1866-1937) lived at 944 Denman Street in 1920.

The updated material relates to Mr. Helyer’s work for the yacht-building firm of Field and Company in Southampton. In particular, the sources section now includes links to selected information on Mr. Helyer’s yacht designs, including some illustrations.

Thanks to Leonardo García de Vincentiis for providing the primary source of this material, which is Henry Coleman Folkard’s book called The Sailing Boat, a Treatise on Sailing Boats and Small Yachts.