Business Names

These enterprises appeared in the West of Denman area from the late 1890s to about 1920.

Each linked item in the table below leads to the page for that enterprise.


Adair and Sutherland
Almond’s Ice Cream Store
Auto Clearing House
Canadian Builders Supply Company Limited
Canadian Western Electric Company
Chappell Brothers
Den Grocery
Denman Billiard Room
Denman Confectionery and Cigar Store
Denman Dye Works
Denman Tailors
Dollar Wood Yard
Dominion Carbolineum Works
Dominion Motor Car Company Ltd.
Empire Candy Company
English Bay Auto Supply Company
English Bay Bakery
English Bay Bathing and Athletic Club
English Bay Clothes Cleaners
English Bay Natatorium
English Bay Shoe Repairing Company
English Bay Tea Rooms
Foley Peanut Butter Factory
Hoffar Motor Boat Company
Horseshoe Restaurant
Joy Wheel Fun Factory
Khaki Taxi and Transfer
Lee’s Pier Tea Rooms
Mainland Engineering Company Limited
Morton Avenue Fish Store
New College for Boys
Pascoe and Woron
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Brewing Company Limited
Royal Dairy Ice Cream Parlor
Sechelt Granite Quarries Limited
Shelly Brothers
Spence & Wiles
Stanley Park Inn
Stanley Park Tea Rooms
Sylvia Grocery
Trott McGregor Engineering Company
United Candy Company
Vancouver Amateur Swimming Club
Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club and Denman Tennis Association
Vancouver Pipe and Foundry Company
Vancouver Ship Yard Limited
West End Renovatory
West End Woodyard
Western Engine and Supply Company Limited


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