1875 Beach Avenue

Location of 1873 Beach Avenue and 1875 Beach Avenue; detail from Sylvia Hotel, possibly 1940s, https://sylviahotel.com/history/ (W.A. Gale grocery was at 1875 Beach Avenue from the late 1930s until 1950.)


I updated the page on 1875 Beach Avenue, which was the site of a series of businesses, including a shoemaker’s business, a confectionery, and a series of grocery stores.

I added historical references and information on the later uses of the property.


1875 Beach Avenue; 1875 Beach Avenue; 1883 Beach Avenue and 1881 Beach Avenue; 1913; detail from Denman Street to Comox Street to Stanley Park boundary to English Bay; Reference code – 1972-582-38 – Plate 63; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/plate-63-denman-street-to-comox-street-to-stanley-park-boundary-to-english-bay.