1873 Georgia Street

1800 Block of Georgia Street (north side), 1931; detail from Vancouver, B.C. from the air looking east from Lost Lagoon; Vancouver City Archives; Van Sc P15; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/vancouver-b-c-from-air-looking-east-from-lost-lagoon.


I updated the page on 1873 Georgia Street, which was on the north side of Georgia Street, east of the intersection with Gilford Street.

I added illustrations and information on the later uses of the property.


1877, 1873,1875, 1869, 1871 and 1867 Georgia Street – detail from Goad’s Atlas of Vancouver, Volume 1; Plate 42 [Denman Street to Burrard Inlet to Chilco Street to Georgia Street]; Vancouver City Archives; Item : 1972-582.17; https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/plate-42-denman-street-to-burrard-inlet-to-chilco-street-to-georgia-street.

Charles N. Lee (Cornelius Nemmo Lee) (1874-1924)

Vancouver Daily World, April 8, 1916, page 20, columns 6-7.


I updated the page on Charles N. Lee (Cornelius Nemmo Lee), who operated Lee’s Pier Tea Rooms at 1900 Beach Avenue from 1908 to 1920.

I added information on his restaurant at 744 Granville Street. The name was originally Lee’s Refreshment Parlor. Soon afterward it became Lee’s Kat ‘n’ Kitten. Later, the site became a branch of The Woman’s Bakery.

Thanks to Murray at Vancouver As It Was [https://vanasitwas.wordpress.com/] for pointing out the Lee family’s connection to the Kat ’n’ Kitten refreshment parlor at 744 Granville Street.