John Sutherland Johnstone (1875-after 1912)

“Wanted” poster for John S. Johnstone who “absconded from Saskatoon, 10th August, 1913” [detail]; Local History, Saskatoon Public Library, ID Number DOC-2010-1;


I updated the page on John Sutherland Johnstone, who was a bartender and a constable for the Canadian Pacific Railway.

He lived at 1055 Denman Street in 1911.

I added biographical information for some of his children.

Charles Edward Buckley (1888-1934)

I updated the page on Charles Edward Buckley, who was the chief accountant for Mackenzie Mann and Company, a firm of railway builders in western Canada.

He also worked as an accountant for other railway companies.

He lived at 1985 Beach Avenue in 1914.

I added illustrations and information on his daughter, Evelyn Hood Buckley, who was married to the well-known film producer, Lew Parry.