Clarence McLean O’Brian (1880-1971)

C.M. O’Brian, K.C., Treasurer – B.C. Law Society, about 1947;


I updated the page on Clarence McLean O’Brian, who was a lawyer.

He lived at 1911 Nelson Street from 1908 to 1911, at 2037 Pendrell Street in 1914 and 1915, at 1849 Robson Street or 1859 Robson Street in 1916, and at 2001 Nelson Street from 1921 to 1925.

I added illustrations and biographical information.

Arthur Alexander (1884-1942)

Vancouver Sun, October 19, 1942, page 21, column 6.


I updated the page on Arthur Alexander, who was a lawyer.

He lived at 875 Chilco Street in 1915 and 1916.

He was at 885 Chilco Street from 1920 to 1927.

I added biographical information and illustrations, including an early photograph of the Alexander family, courtesy of Alex Turnbull.


Frederick and Ellen Alexander with sons Robert, Harold, Arthur. (Photograph courtesy of Alex Turnbull).