John Sutherland Johnstone (1875-after 1912)

“Wanted” poster for John S. Johnstone who “absconded from Saskatoon, 10th August, 1913” [detail]; Local History, Saskatoon Public Library, ID Number DOC-2010-1;


I updated the page on John Sutherland Johnstone, who was a bartender and a constable for the Canadian Pacific Railway.

He lived at 1055 Denman Street in 1911.

I added biographical information for some of his children.

William Caspar Heilbron (1864-after 1925)

Henderson’s BC Gazetteer and Directory, 1903, page 703.


Henderson’s City of Vancouver Directory, 1905, page 42.


Vancouver Province, September 20, 1902, page 10, column 1.


I updated the page on William Caspar Heilbron, who was an accountant and bookkeeper.

The Vancouver directories listed him at 1882 Beach Avenue in 1903 and at 1872 Beach Avenue in 1904 and 1905.

I added information on his parents, his marriages, and his children.